Mission Management System

The Mission Management System (MMS) provides seamless integration with MAGTABs via secure WiFi enabling simultaneous upload, download, deletion of files, configuration, and synchronization of smart pack products. Unlike tethered tablets, users no longer need to worry if their MAGTAB has the latest smart pack products or elements because their MAGTABs are synchronized through Collaborative Auto-Syncing, Planning, Execution and Reporting (CASPER) over secure WiFi in real time. This eliminates the need for the smart pack coordinator to scramble at the last minute to coordinate information. The MMS is the pre/post mission enabler allowing the user to maximize mission effectiveness.

  • Provides simultaneous upload, download, and
    configuration management across all MAGTABs
  • Manages secure WiFi and VPN keys for MAGTABs, MEWLs,
    MNMs, and Mini-MNMs
  • Enables the creation or updates to smart pack elements:
    Execution Checklist, Timelines, ASSATs/ASLTs/Manifests,
    Comm Cards, Objective Area Diagrams, and more

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