digital interoperability-fly away kit

The Digital Interoperability – Fly Away Kit (DI-FAK) is a system of systems approach to digital information sharing through the use of multiple waveforms to manage situational awareness, improve survivability, and increase lethality across multiple ground, air and command center elements. The FAK’s DI Network system consists of the following components: Mini-Meshed Network Manager (Mini-MNM) and radio suites, Miniature Encrypted Wireless Links (MEWLs), Marine Air-Ground Tablets (MAGTABs) and the Mission Management System (MMS).

FAKs are designed as a rapid relocatable meshed network nodes and serve as a mission integrator between on board sensors, several radio suites, and MAGTABs. The FAK’s Mini-MNM processor performs message translation, database synchronization, threat management, data encryption, and network routing.

  • Provides battle tracking, chat file transfers, smart pack elements and FMV feeds
  • Disseminates actionable information instantaneously
  • Communicates with air and ground users across multiple services

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