miniature meshed network manager

The Mini-Meshed Network Manager (Mini-MNM) is a system of systems approach to digital information sharing through the use of multiple waveforms to manage situational awareness, improve survivability, and increase lethality across multiple elements. The Mini-MNM system consists of the following components: Mini-MNM processor and radio suites, Miniature Encrypted Wireless Links (MEWLs), Marine Air-Ground Tablets (MAGTABs), and the Mission Management System (MMS).

Mini-MNMs are designed for integration on airborne and ground platforms and serve as a mission integrator between on-board platforms, several radio suites, and MAGTABs. The Mini-MNM Processor performs message translation, database synchronization, threat management, data encryption, and network routing.

  • Provides battle tracking, chat, file transfers, smart pack elements and FMV feeds
  • Disseminates actionable information instantaneously
  • Communicates with air and ground users across multiple services

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