Digital Interoperability

Digital interoperability systems and software

KTS designs, develops, processes and deploys digital interoperability systems providing
increased situational awareness capabilities. These systems range from manpack
systems to aircraft approved installations meeting the operational need.

  • The Marine Air Ground Tablet (MAGTAB) goes beyond the basic commercially available tablet by adding an array of apps and security measures devised by the Warfighter to enable in-depth mission planning, increased mission effectiveness, and improved debriefing tools. In addition to basic features and functions, that you find on a typical phone or tablet, the MAGTABs feature real time digital execution checklists, digital mission timelines, RFID tracking, and network status to increase situational awareness.
  • Miniature Encrypted Wireless Links (MEWLs) create reliable, networked capabilities for MAGTABs utilizing secure WiFi, and are equipped to mate with a wide array of radios such as the AN/PRC-152A, AN/PRC-117G, AN/PRC-161, AN/PRC-163, ENTR and leading ISR handhelds capable of fitting in a small pouch. MEWLs require minimal configuration and provide the option to be powered entirely off the radio or by a USB battery pack for portable, on the move, real-time situational awareness and enhanced communications on the battlefield.
  • Meshed Network Managers (MNM) and (Mini-MNMs) are designed for integration on airborne platforms and serves as mission integrators between on-board platforms, several radio suites, and MAGTABs. The MNM’s Processor performs message translation, database synchronization, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) of Marines and cargo, threat management, data encryption, radio hosting and configuration, network routing, and secure WiFi.

    KTS specializes in the delivery of both standard and custom digital interoperability kit configurations tailored to the unique needs of each customer and has delivered kits to multiple organizations across the military and industry. Please contact us for more information and to discuss how KTS can help you solve your needs.

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