Marine Air-Ground Tablet

The Marine Air-Ground Tablet (MAGTAB) is an end user device that was designed specifically by Marines to enable detailed mission planning, increased mission effectiveness, and improved debriefing tools. MAGTABs support the majority of the Marine Corps’ existing tactical missions and streamline the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) used by operators. MAGTABs provide a consistent, intuitive user experience with reliable software applications.

The tightly integrated suite of apps share relevant information on the MAGTAB and are continuously improved/updated using feedback from end users to provide the most effective solution available.

  • Secure WiFi solution provides ability for users to move between nodes throughout the battlefield without the need for reconfiguration
  • Enroute situational awareness through battle tracking of all networked users with the ability to inject intel updates 
  • Streamlined chat enables all users to communicate on the network quickly and reliably
  • Understand, monitor, and control status of tactical networks when integrated with MEWLs, and Meshed Network Managers

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