Flight Test Engineering


The FTE group is a multi-disciplinary team that tests and evaluates government/customer systems through formal events such as Developmental Test (DT) and Operational Test (OT).  The FTE group maintains instrumentation equipment and data recorders, creates required installation paperwork, maintains flight status requirements, installs test and instrumentation wiring and equipment, assists in the development and execution of test events, collects and analyzes test data, and provides technical subject matter expertise on the Systems Under Test (SUT).  FTEs are capable of supporting customers, wherever the requirement occurs.  All FTEs have direct interaction with customers and end-users of the SUT.  KTS FTEs are knowledgeable, can assist with training, and can provide knowledge transference of systems to the end-users.  

FTE support provided can include but is not limited to:

  •         Test planning 
  •         Support paperwork for Interim Flight Clearances (IFC)
  •         Build necessary cabling for tests
  •         Install test equipment and cabling on the test platform 
  •         Provide test equipment and personnel for collecting data
  •         Perform testing of SUT and operate test equipment 
  •         Assist with troubleshooting of SUT
  •         Review and analyze data
  •         Report SUT performance results
  •         Attend customer meetings as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

FTEs maintain required approvals to ensure authorization to fly on each aircraft to support test events.  The KTS FTE group maintains flexibility, knowledge, and professionalism on every interaction with industry parties and customers.

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