Marine Air-Ground Tablet (MAGTAB) Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (MADS-B) is an advanced technology that receives information via airborne and ground infrastructure to create an accurate surveillance interface between aircraft and Air Traffic Control. The result is increased safety and situational awareness to civilian traffic and real-time weather. MADS-B receivers are paired with a Miniature Encrypted Wireless Link (MEWL), enabling untethered data transfer to multiple MAGTAB users, with all components fitting in a small, lightweight pouch.

  • Provides improved aviation safety increasing situational awareness and displaying it on all MAGTABs connected via the MEWL
  • Real-time civilian aviation traffic information
  • Provides real-time weather observations and forecasts for airfields
  • Weather radar displayed for local area, as well as icing layers, lightning strikes, turbulence, cloud cover and more
  • Provides NOTAMs for airfields

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