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Architecture Development

The KTS team is led by several subject matter experts with detailed operational and mission experience. The team has a solid understanding of the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and uses this knowledge to effectively architect solutions with customers and Warfighters in mind. The team’s experience spans across all types of systems ranging from avionics systems on aircraft, to autonomous systems installed on unmanned aerial vehicles, to networking equipment, and down to the smallest component on a ground user. This depth of CONOPS understanding coupled with the detailed product knowledge enables KTS team members to develop scalable, tactical, and operationally relevant architectures.

Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering team consists of individuals with varying backgrounds that collectively cover the systems engineering mission. The team is on the forefront and collaborates with customers and industry partners to solve complex problems. The team tailors systems engineering and product development processes to provide affordable, innovative, and applicable solutions.

Software Development

The agile KTS software development team consists of skilled individuals that execute software development based on customer needs whether their are defined requirements or not. The team works rapidly to develop and integrate capabilities in complex systems in a laboratory or on a day to day basis. The team works in many languages (C, C++, Python, Java), operating systems (VxWorks, Linux, Android, Windows), and tools (JIRA, Git, Stash, Android Developer Tools, Database Management, Eclipse, Visual Studio C++).

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The KTS Mechanical and Electrical Engineering teams have proven experience developing hardware solutions to meet MIL-STD environmental, power, and EMI requirements for military aviation and ground applications.

Rapid Prototyping

KTS has a fully staffed Rapid Prototyping Facility complete with CNCs, drill presses, welding machines, air compressors, hardware tools, and a heavily used state of the art 3D Printer. KTS designs and builds anything from brackets, chassis, plates, mounts, fixtures, and cable sets. The Rapid Prototyping team also supports industry and government when customers need anything built, manufactured, or assembled quickly.


KTS has a rich history and solid future in support of integration and test. In addition to testing KTS’ own data collection, interoperability, and other KTS developed systems, KTS also heavily supports industry and government customers. KTS offers an affordable, experienced, integration and test work force to support planning, preparation, installation, and test execution. The team supports testing of any kind whether it is in KTS’ integration labs, environmental labs, live fire test ranges, or flight test areas. The team also supports the design and integration of equipment on KTS’ own flight test bed, KTS1.

Modeling And Simulation

The team’s leading work in aircraft survivability and networking drive solutions that require complex system design, some of which are extremely challenging to test. The team leverages and develops modeling and simulation capabilities to obtain representative system performance while reducing the amount of test time required

Data Analysis And Reporting

KTS is consistently requested to support performance evaluation of industry products using innovative methods to conduct testing.  Furthermore, KTS has the expertise and tools to perform detailed data analysis to inform both government and industry partners on the performance of the system via test reports.

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