Program Support

Whether it is a large scale defense application or a small niche commercial rapid prototype solution, KTS has the systematic expertise and engineers to work through and solve the problem. From mechanical engineers to software engineers to flight test pilots, KTS' strengths center on aircraft survivability, digital interoperability, networking through the battle space, and integration and installation on Fighters, Helicopters, Transports, and Unmanned Air Vehicles.

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Kranze Technology

KTS, Inc. focuses on collaborating with customers and industry partners to understand, analyze, and solve problems in the commercial and defense space.


  • Instrumentation
  • Interoperability
  • Development
  • Flight Test
  • Custom Support
  • Aircraft Integration


KTS, Inc. values our collaborators and continuously looks to team with companies that
are dedicated to support the customer's vision. Through this open communication and
collaboration, KTS is able to solve the Warfighters' problems and provide capabilities that exceed the reach of KTS alone.

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