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Naveen Murarka, VP Applied Solutions, joined Kranze Technology Solutions in March 2014. Mr. Murarka leads programs involving the development of capabilities and products for the Warfighter centered on aircraft survivability, digital interoperability, testing of the systems. Mr. Murarka interacts with customers and industry partners to provide solutions to the Warfighter.

Prior to joining KTS, Mr. Murarka worked across multiple programs and functions ranging from Systems Engineer, Business Development, and Program Management at Northrop Grumman Corporation. Mr. Murarka spearheaded the development of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Electronic Warfare (UAS EW) group leading the team to design, integrate, and fly multiple electronic warfare payloads on board UAS as part of first of its kind networked test events for the US Air Force, Army, and USMC. Mr. Murarka also gained extensive experience on Rotary Wing and Fixed Wing platforms identifying solutions and developing strategies to upgrade existing systems and integrate new capabilities leading the Rotorcraft Avionics Innovation Laboratory (RAIL) to integrate over 120 military and commercial systems across the battlespace to provide the warfighter with additional solutions. Prior to Mr. Murarka's business roles, Mr. Murarka served as an IRCM systems engineer integrating third party sensors and transmitters, developing and testing a new missile warning sensor sub system, and upgrading and supporting test instrumentation equipment.

Mr. Murarka holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering with a Business Basics Certificate from Northwestern University and has has taken several professional courses at Georgia Tech Research Institute, University of Chicago, and the Defense Acquisition University. Mr. Murarka completed Northrop Grumman's Early Career Leadership Training Program (ECLTP) and has been presented with several awards including the AOC Windy City Chapter Awards for Engineering Excellence (2008) and Marketing (2013), President Leadership Awards, and technology awards during his career.